Late retreat of emissions prices after hitting a new record

The power spot prices were once again mixed in north western Europe yesterday, down in France amid forecasts of weaker demand, but up in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands where the prices reached 69.25€/MWh on average (+8.48€/MWh day-on-day) with support from the dropping wind output. Prices in France remained high at 80.66€/MWh (-2.96€/MWh dod) but still the ones in Italy (81.55€/MWh) and the U.K. (101.45£/MWh).

After a bearish opening as prices corrected from Monday’s upward move, the EUAs rose throughout the day and hit a new record high of 44.69€/t, before fading back below 44€/t at the end of the session as profit taking drove the prices down.

Most power curve prices extended gains yesterday, lifted by the intraday bullish trend of emissions. The French long-term prices however edged down, likely pressured by the late retreat of emissions and weaker underlying gas prices.

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