Late rebound of emissions prices push them back above 41€/t

The European power spot prices remained rather stable yesterday, slightly up in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands on forecasts of lower wind production while French prices edged down amid expectations of better nuclear availability and stronger hydro generation. Prices reached 58.01€/MWh on average in the four countries, +0.93€/MWh day-on-day.

After a bearish morning, the EUA prices found some support around 40.80€/t and sharply rebounded at the end of the session, eroding all their early losses as they tracked a short-lived upward move of US equities. (more details in the “Prices” section).

The power curve prices were mixed on Wednesday, the short-term contracts being support by the stronger underlying gas prices while the early losses of emissions pressured the back end of the curve despite a late recovery.

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