EUAs retreated on bearish energy complex

The power spot prices for today are slightly down compared to Friday in nothwestern Europe, pressured by the warmer temperatures and stronger wind output, although the latter significantly eased from this weekend’s surge which maintained prices near the clean gas costs. The day-ahead prices hence reached 75.18€/MWh on average in Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands, -2.68€/MWh from Friday.

Despite opening on a bullish tone, the carbon prices fell throughout Friday and dropped back below 53€/t as the market was driven down by the bearish energy complex and emerging concerns regarding the coming supply from the U.K. ETS and EU ETS free allocation.

The power curve prices posted hefty losses along the curve over the last session of the week on the back of the fading gas and emissions prices and possibly some profit taking following the rather significant gains observed throughout the week.

EUA and UKA first Dec. prices
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