EUAs rebounded on slow activity induced by the public holiday

The European power spot prices unsurprisingly rebounded yesterday as a consequence of the power demand returning to normal levels with the holiday now passed, although the still strong wind output and improved French nuclear availability expected today kept the prices below the clean gas and coal costs. The day-ahead prices climbed to 59.82€/MWh on average in Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands, +24.32€/MWh day-o-day.

The EUA prices observed a slight rebound over the first session of the week, rising by 1€/t amid muted holiday activity on bullish signals from the oil market, reduced auction supply and a late upward move of equities.

With a similar limited liquidity induced by the public holiday, the power prices opened down from Friday’s close but slowly recovered throughout the day tracking the gains of the carbon market.

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