EUAs eased despite a mid-day gas-driven rebound

The north western European power spot prices for today slightly faded compared to Friday amid forecasts of similar renewable production levels but improved French nuclear availability. Clearing between the clean coal and gas costs (with the latter now about 4€/MWh above the first), the day-ahead prices hence reached 93.47€/MWh on average in Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands, -2.88€/MWh from Friday.

After a strong opening above 58€/t, the EUAs tracked the sideways variations of the gas market on Friday, retreating to 57€/t in the morning before rebounding and climbing by 1.25€/t, and eventually sliding back at the end of the session to close with a nonetheless strong 2.30€/t weekly gain.

As usual the power curve prices mirrored the gas and emissions markets’ moves over the last session of the week, with most contract posting moderate daily losses despite the mid-day rebound.

eua and gas prices vs implied coal to gas switch prices
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