EUAs and power prices dropped in general retreat of the energy complex

The power spot prices overall slightly faded yesterday in northwestern Europe, pressured by forecasts of weaker power demand and increased solar and hydro generation. The day-ahead prices hence reached 159.16€/MWh on average, -5.31€/MWh day-on-day.

The EUA prices dropped to a three-week low settlement of 59.31€/t (-0.9% day-on-day) yesterday in another volatile session marked by significant exchanged volumes and driven by option-trading and falling fuels prices, although the emissions prices presented a much more contained retracement as their correlation with the gas prices continued to weaken.

On the other hand, the power curve prices tracked closely the early gains and following deep fall of the underlying gas prices, with every contracts posting hefty day-on-day losses at the end of the session.

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