EUAs and power curve prices continued to rise on bullish energy complex

The power spot prices edged up yesterday as the forecasts of dropping wind output were offset by the expectations of weaker power demand and strong solar generation. Prices hence climbed by 4.99€/MWh on average from the previous day in Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands to reach 88.96 with the German and Netherlands prices climbing above 90€/MWh due to the stronger impact of wind production in these countries.

Lifted by the stronger gas and coal prices, the EUAs rose above 53€/t yesterday in a third consecutive bullish session only (very) temporarily curbed by a weak morning auction while market participants await for the 2021 fee allocation.

The power prices extended significant gains along the curve as the market tracked the upward move of the fuels and emissions complex.

EUA prices versus implied coal-to-gas switch prices
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