Emissions settled flat from Tuesday thanks to a late rebound

The power spot prices edged down in north western Europe yesterday, pressured by forecasts of slightly warmer temperatures and stronger renewable production. Prices averaged 67.97€/MWh in Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands, -4.13€/MWh dod with prices ranging from 66.57€/MWh in the Netherlands to 74.32€/MWh in France.

After a slightly bullish morning, the EUA started top fell in the afternoon yesterday, possibly tracking a drop in European equities, but a late rebound in this market combined with surging oil prices managed to push the carbon prices back up to settle 3-cent down from the previous day. In the meantime, the Commitment of traders report for last week showed an increase in both the financial and compliance players’ net position while the number of financial players rose significantly to a new record.

Driven down by the afternoon drop in emissions, the power prices extended losses along the curve yesterday, with largest observed on the back end of the curve.

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