Curve prices up on ongoing bullish clean fuel costs

NWE spot baseload power prices were up yesterday, to €112.274/MWh on average for today delivery (compared to €110.078/MW for Tuesday), supported by expectations of lower wind generation (4766 MW for today in Germany, compared to 11388 MW yesterday) and slightly higher clean fuel costs.

EUA Dec’21 prices closed at €60.76/t (stable day-on-day), still supported by the high level of the CO2 implied switching level in a context of weak auction supply.

Curve power prices were slightly up, mirroring the slight increase in clean fuel costs. German Cal 2022 baseload prices closed at €86.88/MWh yesterday, +0.43% compared to the previous session. French Cal 2022 baseload prices were up by 0.03%, closing at €89.65/MWh.

As on clean fuel costs, the price trend should remain bullish today. However, profit taking by financial participants and technical resistances (€88.21/MWh on German Cal 2022 baseload) could contribute to limit gains.

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