A calm end of the week for the energy markets

The European power spot prices for today slightly decreased compared to Friday, pressured by forecasts of higher solar and hydro production and slightly lower gas prices, although the weak nuclear availability and stronger demand expected in France pushed the country’s price up. The day-ahead prices averaged 221.26€/MWh in Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands , -8.46€/MWh from Friday and -63.29€/MWh week-on-week due to the retracement of the gas prices.

The EUAs remained overall flat with a very narrow trading range and low exchanged volumes on Friday amid a calm energy complex and little developments regarding the conflict in Ukraine while the looming quarterly options expiry maintained prices near 80€/t. Only a timid sell-off at the end of the session drove the carbon benchmark contract very slightly down to eventually close at closed at 78.89€/t, -1.00€/t from Thursday’s settlement. Prices are expected to hover around 80€/t until the options’ expiry due on Wednesday, with only a strong headline able to divert the EUAs from this target.

In the power forward market, the prices observed little changes as well over the last session of the week, most contracts erasing their gains from a strong opening.

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