First decline in Chinese property prices since 2015

New home prices in China fell marginally in September for the first time since April 2015. A new property developer, Sinic, was also unable to meet its commitments on a USD loan. The situation remains tense, although “manageable” according to the Chinese authorities.

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Markets that were driven by positive sentiment until yesterday are likely to take a hit as long term bond yields have risen quite sharply in the last few hours, with the US 10 year yield reaching 1.67%, the highest since May. UK inflation came out very slightly lower in September and below expectations at 3.1%, but a clear acceleration is expected before the end of the year and a rate hike by the Bank of England expected in November or December. In Germany, producer prices rose by a record 14.7% year-on-year in September. Final Eurozone inflation data is expected this morning to confirm that it reached 3.4% in September. Little respite for the bond market…

The EUR/USD exchange rate logically seems to be easing this morning in a more cautious market context, after having risen sharply to touch 1.1669 yesterday.

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