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Unemployment data released for the Euro Area yesterday showed a continuous improvement of the job market with a new record low at 6.8% in March 2022 (see chart), compared to 6.9% in February 2022. This could provide further upward pressure on wages on the back of another surge in Euro zone producer prices in March 2022 (+5.3% month-on-month for a 36.8% year-on-year jump, slightly above market consensus) with soaring energy prices as well as lingering supply chains disruptions remaining the main drivers.

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On the agenda today, the main event will be of course the widely expected decision of the US Fed regarding another interest rate hike. A 50 basis points increase remains the most likely scenario to combat the hottest inflation in the latest four decades. Watch out for a potential move in the EURUSD rate which still sits at a five-year low this morning around the 1.05 mark. Retail sales and services PMI data for April in Europe will be released this morning as well.

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